Field of Dreams

October 25, 2016  •  1 Comment

Wrigley Field was on my mother's bucket list for as long as I can remember. Sadly, she never made it to the friendly confines. My whole life, and hers, we cheered for the Cubs together. Whether they were winning or not. I think maybe that's something a lot of sports fans don't understand about the Cubs. This has not been 108 years of disappointment or pain. It's 108 years of love, of dedication, and of unbridled optimism. It's about never giving up. Never knowing failure. The 2016 Cubs just so happen to be the best team in baseball, and the mood throughout Wrigleyville is electric as you can imagine. In September I decided to take a trip to the friendly confines so I could be a part of this magical season in person. Along with a lifetime of memories, I was rewarded with this sunset. You should know, I am an artist 100% because of my mother, my blind mother who taught me how to see. I learned at a young age that although she is blind I had the ability to show her the beauty of the world through my eyes, to see for her. Thanks to her I've built my life around showing the world the beauty I see in things that others typically miss. Not everyone can see sports the way a Cubs fan does, but for those of you who have yet to experience it, here is sunset over Wrigley Field through the eyes of a fan. Embrace the moment.  © Bill RushField of Dreams © Bill Rush

The 2016 World Series is the culmination of America's last great sports story.  The team is young, fresh, talented. They are not underdogs, they are the best team in baseball. This story isn't about The Cubs, it's about their fans. Through generations, fans of the Chicago Cubs have been the most loyal and devoted supporters of any sport in history. Long after Hank Aaron's 755th home run or Peyton Manning's second super bowl ring, Cubs fans continue to pile into their 100 year old stadium in the center of a neighborhood named for them, the heart of Wrigleyville. 

My mother didn't live to reap the rewards of this devotion, and she never needed to. She just loved the Cubs. On the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field I spread her ashes in the left field ivy, completing her bucket list dreams on her behalf. Saturday was the 3 year anniversary of her death, October 22nd. I sat, in a crowded bar in Atlanta Georgia called The Black Bear, known as THE place to be for Chicago sports in Atlanta. I watched with hundreds of dedicated Cubs fans as the team masterfully shut down the LA Dodgers for the final time. And as the world class infield rang up that final double play, officially sending the Cubs to the World Series for the first time since 1945, our little bar erupted with more passion and joy than any mere game can justifiably conjure. There was no fighting it, the tears flowed down my cheeks, and as I tried in vain to fight them back I looked around the bar and was surrounded by countless other grown men doing the very same thing. Tears of joy, tears that our loved ones weren't here to share it with us, tears that somehow we feel their presence anyway. I bonded with a new friend named Kevin in that bar, his brother died of a heart attack earlier this year after decades of Cubs games together. Kevin and I shared a tearful embrace in this moment that will live in both our hearts forever. The moment the Cubs achieved something never before done during my mother's or his brother's lifetimes, we celebrate in their honor and find a bond in what this all means. The coming days are filled with "if only ______ had seen this" and "just once before I die" tales throughout the media. It's not about the dominance of the players, it's the accomplishment for the fans. There is no dedication on earth like that of a Cubs fan. This is why Wrigley Field is my field of dreams.


This is "it". You need to be doing more of this. Travel, take pictures, share your stories. This is who you are. Embrace it and share your gift.
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