Krog Tunnel POV

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If you live in Atlanta and have ever been to Reynoldstown or Cabbagetown, you're already familiar with the Krog Street Tunnel...another killer spot in Atlanta where point of view is everything. On the one hand one hand, it's this tiny claustrophobic cave full of weird smells & mystery liquid you just hope is water...pot holes you can get lost in, and if all your car parts are still attached when you get to the other side you kind of feel like you've really accomplished something. BUT as with everything in life, art changes everything. The walls of Krog Tunnel are an ever changing canvas for some of the most brilliant street artists in Atlanta to share their work for all to see. 

Over the years, wandering around Atlanta you can't help but get to know & love the crazy-talented artists that share their vision of the world with us on whatever wall, bridge, or tunnel they can find. The city is this ever-changing canvas with new art popping up every day, I love it. The dichotomy between photography & street art is a beautiful thing. I love photography so much because it's the only way I've ever found to capture the moment and hold onto it, a time machine that lets you travel to the past and revisit beauty that no longer exists. But street art is the opposite, it's created in the moment for the moment, and may be gone tomorrow. You learn to appreciate what exists in front of you, because if you wait until tomorrow it might not be there anymore. Through photography I'm able to capture this beauty, share it with people who weren't lucky enough to experience the beauty first hand. 

One of of my favorite artists is FIEST, who has done some really amazing murals in the krog tunnel over the years. As part of my ATL POV collection currently on display at the Brickworks Gallery, I'm including the shot below which I captured back in 2014 after a late night shooting a total lunar eclipse. On a whim I decided to stop off in the tunnel on my way home and shoot some long exposures of traffic passing through the amazing art. A week later, this mural was gone, buried beneath new layers of spray paint and imagination.

© Bill RushKrog Tunnel POV © Bill RushAn original FIEST mural in the Krog Street Tunnel is illuminated by the night & Atlanta traffic streaking by. As with the rest of my POV collection, I've printed this piece directly on steel with a highly reflective crystal bead medium that brings the lights of the tunnel to life in any room, and mounted it to reclaimed industrial metals to bring new beauty to a moment the world would never have otherwise seen again. Stop by the gallery at 686-A Greenwood Ave NE, Atlanta GA to see the whole show!! Krog Tunnel POV



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