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Thank you for your interest in Bill Rush Photography. I am a firm believer that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I'm so long-winded sometimes I want more than a thousand to tell the story. I fell in love with photography - with art in general - because when I see other artists work, I discover a feeling or emotion I never would have picked up on my own, I am inspired. That's what I hope my work brings to you. The gift of sharing the beauty I see in the world with others is why I do what I do. I've decided to start this blog to share some of my favorite work, and the stories behind them, even if it blows past a thousand words. I hope you enjoy.

Mother's Day Moments

May 14, 2017
Those who know me know Mother's Day can be a hard holiday for me. Since my mom passed away in 2013, I tend to take the day for myself, go out enjoy mother nature, and jus...
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The Atlanta March for Women and Social Justice

January 21, 2017
Today my friends and I joined over 60,000 people in Atlanta and who knows how many more worldwide in a historic march for womens rights and civil liberty. This was a day...
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To Be Thankful

November 23, 2016
Like I've said before, to me photography is all about moments, and this was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I talked in my last blog entry about using camer...
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Cloud Gate Introspective

November 03, 2016
Photography is the closest thing to time travel I've ever known. In the blink of an eye, moments pass us by and we can never go back. But with a photograph, it becomes po...
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The End Is Near

October 27, 2016
It may look like doomsday, but that's just baseball. I'll preface this entry by saying this: My photography is about life, this is not a sports just looks like...
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